How to get hired

Tips for getting hired

Learn about the company.
Know about the company where you will interview. Find out what they produce, when they were founded, and the key figures in the company (IE: We once had a company that wanted all new applicants/candidates to read the company web page and know about them for interviews. The president of the company asked a young mechanical engineer “John – what did you think about our website?” John answered, “I didn’t have time to read it.” The company president replied, “Thanks for coming. Enjoy the ride home.” Sometimes you don’t get a second chance to make a good impression.
Show up 15 minutes before your interview time.
If the company is taking time to interview you then they think you have some of the skills they want or need so don’t waste their time – it’s valuable.
Take a pen and/or pencil and 3 copies of your resume.
A good HR manager knows within a few minutes with whom to continue an interview. There is always a possibility that you will be asked to take part in a group interview. Bringing extra copies of your resume and your own pen/pencil, shows a potential employer that you are prepared.
Dress for success.
You may be proud of your tattoos and piercings, but most company’s consider visible tattoos and piercings (other than earrings) to be unprofessional. Solidify your potential employment opportunity by covering tattoos and removing piercings. Also, if you ears are pierced, consider wearing studs or a more conservative earring. You will have the opportunity to review the company dress policy after you’re hired. Then you can ask for clarification from your employer about what they deem appropriate and inappropriate work attire.
Take a list of references.
Take a list of references from past employers or supervisors. By law, an HR manager can only ask past employers your dates of employment and whether or not you are eligible for rehire. Most companies are not interested in personal references or references from past non-supervisory co-workers. (IE: if your friend Billy Bob at the old plant thinks you are a good worker.)
Body position and hygiene.
Be aware of your body position. Don’t slouch and respect the personal space of your interviewers. Look your interviewer in the eye and shake their hand upon entering/leaving the company. Potential employers are looking for employees who practice good hygiene. Wash/comb your hair neatly, wear deodorant, choose perfumes/colognes that are not overly loud or don’t wear them at all, and wear clothing that is neatly pressed.
Stay on track.
Listen to the interviews questions and answer as promptly and completely as possible. Don’t get off track in the interview by asking too many questions. Ex: we one had a salesman who interviewed and noticed the interview was also a fisherman. He spent 45 minutes of his interview time discussing fishing locations and the size of fish he and the interview had caught. He didn’t get hired.
Social pages.
HR Managers have the right to check public social pages of their potential and current employees. Remember you will represent the company in the community. Don’t advertise how many beers you drank at the party Saturday night, etc. on your social media accounts.