Return Terms and Conditions:
+ Deadline for exchanging items purchased at
is 7 days from the date of shipment.

+ Goods exchanged must be 100% new and unused, with labels, original boxes, accessories, warranty cards and accompanying gifts (if any). does not exchange used goods, lost boxes, lost accessories, ….

+ Products purchased at the showroom are applicable for exchange/return at the showroom where the product was purchased. For products purchased online, please contact hotline +47 291 72 581 for instructions.

+ received the product back and refunded 70% of the amount the customer bought that product. In addition, receive no more than 10% of the purchased products.

+ If the product has a defect, you need to notify within 7 days from the date of sale.

+ commits to quickly replace the product immediately for customers. If the product is out of stock will issue a refund with no requirements in this case. Delivery fees will be refunded in the event of incorrect, defective or damaged goods sold.

In addition, there are some other special cases.
However, for some products, we will not apply the same return and exchange conditions as above, during the sales consultation we will advise specifically on the term and form of return for each product. for customers to refer to when they need to buy that product.

Refund fee: the return fee will be fully borne by the store if it is the store’s fault.

Let the store explain more to you, why there is such a regulation.
The store is very eager to support customers to receive goods back and 100% refund to customers. However, during the working time, the store received a lot of damaged products, lost stamps, …. received cannot be sold to another customer.

There are models of lamps that customers order a lot, but the samples are made separately, must be ordered by the manufacturer, these samples are not accepted by the store. For example, products with the customer’s brand name, large samples, processed samples … these samples of the goods cannot be returned, nor refunded to customers.

In this case, the consultant will notify in advance. In addition, the last part of the quotation refers to the return policy.

There are projects that the customer ordered without calculating, the order was too much, the store had to import the goods in sufficient quantity, then the customer returned nearly half of the order. The store does not accept returns. Therefore, the store only accepts returns for the amount of no more than 10% to avoid the case of return due to customers not calculating carefully.

If you have any questions about the return policy, please contact to discuss it directly. The store is always open and accepting contributions from customers, so if there is any confusion, please contact us immediately!

Hotline: +47 291 72 581