Shipping policy

Shipping and forwarding policy of’s delivery team will inspect orders to ensure quality before delivering to customers. In addition, the items are carefully packed before shipping with a warranty (depending on the product line). With defective orders, our staff will come to pick up the goods and provide warranty for you according to regulations.

Shipping Policy

Delivery time will be agreed by the parties during the contract signing process. For orders completed before the deadline, we will notify customers. If you want to get it early, the delivery team will support to deliver it to you right away.

For urgent orders, will deliver fast to ensure on-time delivery for you.

In some cases, we may delay delivery due to objective conditions such as: bad weather, unfavorable traffic conditions, vehicle breakdown on the way of delivery, problems during shipment.

Delivery time:

+ Delivery from 02-07 days depending on the location and depending on the shipping package selected by the customer.

In the meantime, if you have any questions about shipping information, please contact Hotline +47 291 72 581

Policy on delivery

If the shipping service is designated by us, we will be responsible for the products and risks such as loss or damage of the products during transportation to you.

It is the customer’s responsibility to inspect the product upon receipt. When detecting that the product is damaged, scratched, broken, dented, or has incorrect product information, then sign to confirm the status of the goods with the delivery staff and immediately notify the Customer Care Department via Hotline. : +47 291 72 581

After the customer has signed to receive the product without making any notes or comments about the goods. We are not responsible for requests for return or exchange due to damage, scratches, breakage, distortion, wrong goods, etc. from customers later.

If the shipping service is designated and selected by you, you will be responsible for the goods and risks such as loss or damage of the goods during the transportation from the store to you. client. Customer will be responsible for freight and related losses.

Transportation costs

Shipping costs will be calculated according to the agreement of and the customer.